Interview with Markell Bradshaw

18 Mar

IMG_1001Markell is a 6’1″ 160 pound senior point guard for the Saginaw Trojans.  Markell is an experienced, smart, tough point guard who does not receive the credit he deserves.  People know about Jerry Smith and Algevon Eichelberger, but tend to forget about Bradshaw.  Markell would be a star at any other school because of the talent that Saginaw has.  Markell is also a very smart student, carrying a 3.88 GPA and a 21 on the ACT.  Markell right now has visited Eastern Michigan and has been getting heavy interest from Coppin State.  Markell would be a solid low major D1 prospect.  Strengths include quickness, range on jump shot, overall passing ability, and penetrating ability.

Here is a link to Markell’s highlights so far this year.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What are your strengths as a basketball player?

Markell Bradshaw: I believe my strengths are my playmaking ability, court vision, penetration ability, range on jump shot, and running a team.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How do you think the season has been going so far considering the fact you are three wins away from back to back Class A titles?

Markell Bradshaw: I believe it’s going great being able to have a chance to get another championship back to back.  This is a great accomplishment to have made it to the last eight standing.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What does it mean to be a Saginaw Trojan with all the tradition the basketball team has and playing in the historic Saginaw Valley League?

Markell Bradshaw: It is an honor to be a Trojan, just to wear the black and gold.  It is also a big challenge because it is so much pressure being a Trojan.  Expected to have a great season every year.  Playing in the league we play in is another big challenge.  It is difficult to beat everyone on their home floor with such good fans behind them.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: How fun is it playing on a team who might be the deepest talent wise in the State?

Markell Bradshaw: It is a lot of fun, especially playing the point guard sport.  I have so many options I can go to at any given time.  It also makes it easier for me to score or penetrate knowing that a team can’t just key in on mer or anybody else.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: You and your fellow backcourt mate Keyon Addison might be the quickest guard duo in the state, what is you guy’s relationship?

Markell Bradshaw: We have a great relationship.  We feed off each other very easily.  We get pumped up if I score or if he scores.  He helps me score, I help him score.  We also know each other’s strengths.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Now for you, what schools have shown interest in you and which ones are going at you the hardest?

Markell Bradshaw: Right now, I’m only receiving interest from Coppin State, but I plan to pick up some last-minute recruiting after the playoffs are over.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What would a school be getting from a player like you and what role would you prefer to take on for a team?

Markell Bradshaw: A school would get a hardworking player and a great academic student.  They also would get great leadership.  The role I would want to take on at a school would be a player just helping them reach the NCAA Tournament and win as many games as possible.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Do you think the fact that you are a Saginaw Trojan, schools will start to show interest in you?

Markell Bradshaw: I believe just playing on a dominant high school program like this may help me pick up more schools.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: Any  shoutouts you would like to give?

Markell Bradshaw: I would like to shoutout my family, my basketball team, my coaching staff, and my lifelong basketball coach Alton Sanders.

Metro Detroit High School Athletics: What is a fun/interesting fact about you?

Markell Bradshaw: An interesting fact about me is that I was named Salutatorian (#2) 0f my graduating class about a month ago.

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