Top Senior Small Forwards

3 Feb

Rankings for the top unsigned senior small forwards in the Detroit Area.

Unsigned Senior Small Forwards

1. Martez Walker (Detroit Pershing)- When Martez gets his jump shot going, it is all over for whoever is checking him.  He can spot up from just about anywhere on the court and use his length to get his shot over any defender.  Already as Iowa and Iowa State offers just to name a few.

2. Jalen Adams (Saginaw Arthur Hill)- Come to Arthur Hill’s games and you would think you are at an air show.  A tremendous athlete with great bounce and athleticism.  A solid mid-major prospect.

3. Jalon Plummer (Romulus)- We all know about Wes Clark and E.C. Matthews, but Jalon is the x factor for Romulus as we move towards the playoffs.  Deadly when he gets his feet set from the three point line.  Also a willing offensive rebounder for the Eagles.

4. Tarron Ramsey (Melvindale ABT)- Tarron plays much more like a power forward compared to a small forward because of the fact he is one of the biggest players the Gators have.  Regardless, he has a strong body to hang down low with the big boys in order to get rebounds.

5. Julian Henderson (Saginaw)- For the defending Class A state champions Saginaw, Julian is the purest scorer they have.  Has the ability to put a team on his back in order the get a win.

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