Interview with Tyquone Greer

5 Jan

Tyquone is a 6’7″ junior at Orr High School in Chicago, Illinois.  Orr is not a bad team this year, but I would have to say, the player who seems to get the most touches a game is Tyquone Greer.  Tyquone possesses every antribute you love about a 6’7″ guard, long armed, ability to battle down low, mid to three point jump shot, and athleticism.  In one game at the Motor City Roundball Classic, Tyquone took home the MVP with an impressive 23 point  and nine rebound performances.  Tyquone has already seemed some interest from Baylor and Illinois.  But I am telling you Chicago, I know you want to see Simeon and Jabari Parker, but really check this kid out.  A future star is in the making.

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