U of D Jesuit Out of the Catholic League?

9 Dec

This whole week, there has been one rumor that has caught my attention, and that is the consideration of U of D Jesuit to move out of the Catholic League Central Division.  The Cubs have long been the laughing-stock of this division in football for the last couple of years, the last time the Cubs beat one of the other four teams in this division was in 2005.  I will discuss two main reason why the Cubs should move out of this division and into one where they can actually compete for league titles, and playoffs.

Many who say that the Cubs should stay in the division say “the change would ruin alumni support.”  Well, alumni don’t like it when you can’t even make the playoffs in over ten years.  Those alumni are the ones writing the checks to support the school, and you think they don’t want to win? In fact, the last time the Cubs beat Rice in the regular season was all the way back in 1972.  A rivalry is where teams actually beat each other and have games that make people remember the outcome, getting beat sometimes by 40 points or more is not gonna stay in people’s minds very long and if they do, it wont be a positive feeling.

Another point of emphasis made by those who are defenders of staying in the league say that “this move is only for football.”  Well yeah, it sort of is but I don’t see any other team at U of D hanging up banners for league or state titles.  Granted the fact that the hockey team is ranked high in the state, they don’t even have a conference, they are independent for hockey so it would not affect them.  The baseball and basketball teams have not been setting the world on fire either.  The baseball team last year made it to the league title, but got blown out by a much superior Brother Rice team.  The basketball team, every year it seems they lose to Pershing in the districts, not to mention a team that has hovered around .500 in league play and have no Catholic League titles to show for it either.

The bottom line is this, U of D has long said that they are an academic school as an excuse for their sub-par performances in sports, that is great but when is enough enough.  Seriously they had two years where they only won one game in football.  It is time for a change at U of D.  This school has not had a taste of winning in a long time compared to other schools in their division.  My prediction is that if they are to leave the Catholic League, the best place for them is the Western Wayne Athletic Conference.  If they were to go to the OAA, they would be with Southfield, Harrison, Farmington, Oak Park, all teams that are solid in football and other sports.  The WWAC would allow them to play teams like Fordson, Dearborn, Edsel Ford, Romulus, schools that would make for some good competition, not only in football, but for all sports.

3 Responses to “U of D Jesuit Out of the Catholic League?”

  1. Joseph Frye Jr. December 10, 2012 at 4:38 am #

    Well Steve, the move would not make them a better Team. It would only show that winning is everything. Competition builds character. The catholic leauge is a great. Running to another leauge, does not mean you will post good sesasons. @J0#king82

  2. Dillon Dixon December 9, 2012 at 3:32 pm #

    We’re not leaving.

    • Anonymous December 10, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

      Steve, this is in reply to the upcoming varsity basket ball season. I’m not as profluent in basketball as I am in varsity football competition. I due attend a few games. I will give you my best analysis of each contest I attend. Much luck with the skills you have. @J0#king82

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