1 Dec

The 2012 MHSAA football campaign sadly came to an end last week.  The 2012 season was full of memories for me that I just cannot put into words.  From August to Ford Field, there is no other state where I would rather be covering high school football.  Many of you are thinking football is over and basketball season is just around the corner.  Although that is true, there is still much more football to be played if you know what I mean.  We transition to the combine/showcase period in high school football where athletes attend camps to showoff their skills to college coaches and recruiting websites.  Detroit is filled with elite camps like this.  Tomorrow, December 1st, will be the Max-ex Official Team Tryout.  They are a 7-7 team that travels around the country playing in tournaments against elite players and teams from the United States.  Metro Detroit will be sending many talented athletes to these camps/combines, so it is important if you love high school football, that you attend/or send your son to one of these camps.

One Response to “Postseason”

  1. Joseph Frye Jr. December 3, 2012 at 4:34 am #

    Yes Steve, we have arrived at the close of gridiron. Though at the end,its the begining of winter conditioning, weights and study halls. The season was great. Keep up the penmanship. Your blog has been a success. @J0#king82

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