Cass Tech Dynasty?

22 Nov

The thought in my mind of Cass Tech becoming a dynasty hit me when Cass beat Lake Orion in the semi-finals to go to Ford Field for the second straight year.  Last year, the Technecians man-handled CC on route to their first state championship and first in division 1 for the PSL.  Most people would say that they are not a dynasty, but there is reason to say that they are building one.  The past three seasons have been remarkable at Cass Tech.  In 2010, Cass went 9-0 in the regular season, and a city championship.  In 2011, you already know that they won the state championship.  But there is something else that must come up when a dynasty is being formed, that is the development of elite players.  Cass Tech has developed division one players like Dior Mathis, Thomas Gordon, William Campbell, not to mention a NFL player named Vernon Gholston.  It seems that Cass always has a kid ranked in the top 10 in the state.  This year it is Jourdan Lewis who is a Michigan commit and is a captain of a loaded Technician defense.  Jourdan is carrying the Cass Tech tradition of elite corners.  A tradition that has included players like the previously mentioned Dior Mathis, Delonte Hollowel, and Terry Richardson.

The most common dynasties people think of in the MHSAA are the traditional powers like a CC, a Brother Rice, a Muskegon, a East Grand Rapids, teams that seem every year to be playing at Ford Field for a championship.  Well I’ll tell you, Cass is very close to becoming one of those schools.  They have over 20 kids this year with division one interest.  It would be great for the DPS to have a team that could compete with the perennial state powers to show that they are one of the best leagues in the Michigan.

2 Responses to “Cass Tech Dynasty?”

  1. Jeff Petrucci November 22, 2012 at 7:59 am #

    You want to talk dynasty then talk about Orchard Lake St Mary’s! Four straight trips to the state championship & five times in the last six years! Why do Rice & Muskegon get mention in this article and not St Mary’s. The Eaglets have beaten Rice & CC two years in a row as well as Cass Tech this year. I just don’t understand why this team is constantly overlooked by the local media? They are the smallest school in the Catholic League, yet
    constantly win and produce great players that fly under the radar.

    • stelawman November 23, 2012 at 8:32 am #

      I never said Cass Tech is a dynasty, I said they are about to become one if they keep winning. As for St. Marys, maybe no one considers them a dynasty because out of those four trip to Ford Field they only have won one championship. They’re a great team with great players, but they have only won one Catholic League Championship in the last five years. They need to win more championships in both the Catholic and State to be considered a dynasty.

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