Cass Tech vs. Lake Orion 2012

17 Nov

The best game in my opinion in Michigan is Cass Tech vs. Lake Orion at Troy Athens High School.  The very game was played in the 2010 state semi-finals.  In that game, Cass had the ball inside the Lake Orion 10 yard line with under a minute left to play.  Senior quarterback Keith Moore took the shotgun snap and was rolling to his left on an option play.  Looking to pitch the ball to wideout Kishon Wilcher, a Dragon player came out of no where and hit Keith in his attempt to pitch the ball.  The fumble was recovered by Lake Orion, sealing the game and sending the Dragons to Ford Field where they beat Plymouth for the Division 1 State Championship.  This year Cass comes in with a different identity than the 2010 team.  The 2010 Cass Tech team was called the “track team on turf” by some people, due to some of their players being under five foot nine.  The 2012 Cass Tech team, is certainly just as fast as that team, but they are also bigger.  The offensive line of Cass Tech is one of the best in the State of Michigan led by two 280 plus linemen David Dawson, and Michigan State commit Dennis Finley.  These two will have to be on their game if Cass hopes to have success with Mike Weber and Gary Hosey in the running game.  For Lake Orion, they just beat Macomb Dakota in the regionals last week by a score of 51-35.  The Dragons have an explosive ground game.  Running backs Jacob Miller and Christopher Leigh both had big games vs Dakota last week.  One thing about the Dragons is that they call themselves a spread team but they are under center more times than they are in the shotgun.  They love to send receivers in motion just about every play either handing the ball to them on a jet, or faking a handoff and giving it to a running back on a little belly play.  This game will come down the execution for both teams.  If Cass hopes to win, they must play solid defence especially in the running game.  If they give up 300 or more yards on the ground, this game will go to Lake Orion.  Lake Orion must establish the run game.  The Dragons don’t throw the ball much, which could be a problem if they are trailing late in the game.  In the end, Cass will get its revenge in the 2010 semi-finals sending them on a return trip to Ford Field.

Cass Tech: 28  Lake Orion: 24

One Response to “Cass Tech vs. Lake Orion 2012”

  1. Joseph Frye Jr. November 19, 2012 at 5:14 am #

    This has been a great season. Cass should repeat as state champs. Job well done Steve. Your blog comprised many facets of the game. Stay the course and maintain your studies. @J0#king82

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