The 2012 Detroit PSL All City Team

7 Nov

On Monday, November 5, 29 young men from the Detroit Public Schools League were awarded the title “All City.”  Twenty-four seniors, four juniors, and one sophomore from all the DPS schools, were honored by the coaches in the league for an excellent season.  Only two athletes were from the previous years all city roster, showing the upcoming talent within the PSL.  A good majority of these student-athletes will move on the play college football.  But for others that will be a harder goal to obtain.  The life lessons taught in the game of football stay with student-athletes much longer than a score of championship game.  I have talked to parents who say that they want their children to play football just to learn simple tasks they will have to use if they are to be succesful in everyday life, such as working with others to achieve a common goal.  The 29 athletes have truly shown to motto of the PSL.  Proud Strong Learners.

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