Game of the Week 9/28/12

27 Sep

Douglass @ King 4:00 PM

King and Douglass should be tied right now for second place the PSL East.  But King suffered a mis-hap in forfeiting a game to Osborn, a game where they won by over 50 points.  Putting that aside, this game will still be important in the clearing up the City Playoff Picture.  Douglass has been for the most part what I have expected of them this year.  They are a run-first team, led by Demetrius Stinson who is an absolute stud at the Running Back Position.  Fellow senior QB Kory Peterson has improved from his junior season, freeing up running-lanes for Stinson with his passing ability.  King has a wide variety of playmakers to give the ball to.  The Crusaders have about 4 different receivers they can give to ball to, most notably Mycial Allen and fellow senior James Alexander.  The running game with King is no slouch either.  Running backs Raymond Mitchell and Avonte Maddox are dangerous whenever they get their hands on the ball.  If Douglass has any chance in winning this game, they will have to win on the defensive side of the ball.  King has scored 69 points in the last two weeks.  King is playing at home and with a lot of momentum right now.  I like the Crusaders in this game, and with this win they will gain the upper hand in the East Division.

King: 35 Douglass: 21

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