12 Sep

In case you haven’t heard, Martin Luther King has had to forfeit their victory over Osborn on 9/7/12 due to ineligible player on the team. For those of you who have been involved in the PSL, you know that this is not the first time, including in basketball. How many times have we seen a team have to lose multiple games if not the season to an ineligible player? Due to this incident, King will now have to win out if they have hope of making the playoffs. This is just terrible for the kids on the team, to see their hard work go for nothing. The kids have nothing to do with this issue. This falls in the lap of the coaches and the entire athletic department. How can you allow a player you know is ineligible play? It is mind-boggling to think a coach would even risk playing a player like that knowing the consequences could be lost games. This has to change quickly if the PSL wants to become a dominant force in the state of Michigan like many know they can be.

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