New Format

24 Aug


This year, the Detroit Public School League will introduce a new format for fall football.  The new format will consist of two divisions, with one division carrying 8 teams and the other division being composed of 7 teams.  The East Division will feature Central, East English, King, Osborn, Denby, Pershing, Southeastern and Douglass.  Teams that will compete in the West Division include Mumford, Renaissance, Cody, Cass Tech, Ford, Northwestern, and Western.  The new format will introduce both positive and negative outcomes.  Negatives that the new format will present include the loss of old rivalries due to the fact cross-over games will only be played if teams do not qualify for the playoffs.  Thus, traditional rivals, such as Martin Luther King and Cass Tech, will not be guaranteed to compete against one another.  At the same time though, positives from the new format will include just one city championship game, which will hopefully be held at Ford Field as it was last year.  Another positive with the new format will be less cost for travel.  Schools will be closer together giving students and faculty a chance to attend road games which has been a problem lately for the PSL.  Although the new format is not perfect, the new set-up will hopefully bring added attention to every game being played in the PSL every given week instead of one division receiving all the exposure.

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